Carolyn Kan

Tapping on the artistic door of human emotions




Hi there

I was lucky enough to be born into a very encouraging and artistic family. I’ve always been surrounded by love, creativity, music,and humour, thankfully. My amazing Polish Dad was a wonderful photographer, a hard worker and very musical.As are other members of my Polish family. My Scottish Mum has many artistic interests, including creating her own art and writing. My brother and two sisters, are extremely talented people, in a multitude of ways, within the arts and the world of business.They are all very supportive.

I have a BA in Art & Design and it was amazing to return to studying recently as a mature student.A creative environment is where I thrive and achieving my degree was an important time of discovery and learning. I met so many talented people and established special friendships which still continue.

I now combine professional acting/personal development work and creating art pieces.

My acting work and workshop facilitation career,has been my life for over twenty five years and that still continues. Agent: Keddie Scott Associates London/Scotland.
This career has ranged from working within theatre, television, film and radio. Plus, multi-arts based projects within community groups and schools throughout Scotland and Holland.Acting skills are all transferable and have also taken me along the road of delivering personal development work as part of my self employed career. Encouraging people to increase confidence and life skills,through role play is so rewarding. My working life is varied and it has taken me a while to get the balance right.I am indeed very lucky.

Singing with my own band for the last ten years is a blast. I’m continuing to learn to play sax.That’s the instrument that I have always loved the sound of and wanted to play.It’s really challenging, and I’ll get there, eventually.
One thing’s for sure, it’s fun.

Thanks for taking time to read this, and for visiting my website.Please contact me via my website if there is anything you would like to discuss about any aspect of my work.I would be more than happy to hear from you.





glow-mixed media

tree time- mixed media

Mushroom madness- mixed media

Alter in the light

Quink Ink and bleach

silver shimmer- lino cut mixed media

inside nature -mixed media

mixed media study

WHAT LIES BENEATH cobweb felting, silk paper,led internal lighting. Body constructed from large clear plastic bags which were heat manipulated to produce the torso

String s& Things

candle holder

Spiral Installation using steel, mesh, mixed fibres and various textiles

Rain Forest

Resist technique used on sanded and treated pine

warm waters

Historical costume design using heat manipulated plastic and recycled materials

String & Things

summer sun


happy hands

blue swirl – commission (sold)

Safe & Secure (sold)

sunshine and shadows (sold)


hand printed light weight scarf on man made materials

sea eascape (sold)

blue skies

sea corsage(sold)


never blue

merino wool and silk fibres – cobweb felted scarf-(sold)

green dream

sky zone cobweb felted scarf with silk fibres – (sold)

Greyfriars stall in Edinburgh

merino scarf with hear shaped embellishment fringes-sold

flower power

merino wool scarf created using the wet felting technique-sold

woodland- (sold)

cobweb felted scarf

summer fun corsage with wire embellishment – (sold)

sea of dreams

cobweb felted scarf with spun coloured wool embellishments – sold

green theme – sold

floral flurry corsage – sold

wonders of nature corsage

blue marble

infinity cobweb felted scarf

cobweb felted scarf with up-cycled jewellery embellishments-sold

I perceive life, as a series of abstract images and textures

My work concentrates upon, the many aspects of the human psyche, and, the effect that daily life can have on people.


Happy Summer

I have been very busy with work linked to my professional acting recently as well as devising workshops.Therefore I haven’t been able to create over the last few weeks. Must also say that we were at my nephews wedding. It was fantastic.Congrats Mark and Danielle.

I am now starting to make the stock that I need to build up for the Edinburgh Fair. That date will no doubt he here before I can blink. Hee Hee
New stock soon!!!!!!!!!


Kibble Palace stall
Kibble Palace stall
Kibble Palace stall
Kibble Palace stall

Bohemia Secret Garden Fair

The Bohemia Enchanted Secret Garden Fair,Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens stall.The building created a beautiful setting and atmosphere for the Fair.There were many artists selling their work. The Fair attracted over a thousand people.I met some lovely stall holders and had wonderful compliments about my work from customers.I’ll be attending another Bohemia Fair in Edinburgh in December.

You can also contact me if you would like me to make a scarf especially for you, or a friend.They make wonderful prezzies. You choose the colours and I’ll create the scarf.Just head to the contact page. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Cheers from Carolyn

Strings & Things
Strings & Things
Strings & Things
Strings & Things

Customized Guitar

Hi there
I have customized a guitar for Davy to play on some of our songs in our band.

It’s been interesting using the paint resist technique on this surface and shape. It was not without it’s challenges. Davy is thrilled,and I loved creating it.
Send me a quick e-mail and let me know what you think, if you have a moment. I’d appreciate the feedback.
Cheers for now

Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy

hand printed scarfs

Hi there
Scarf dimensions are 47cm x 180cm

All scarves are hand made with Merino wool.
All scarves are hand made with Merino wool.
All scarves are hand made with Merino wool.
All scarves are hand made with Merino wool.

Cobweb felted scarf

Hi there

If you would like me to create something specifically for you or for a gift, then go to my contact section and e-mail me.I can make a light weight/cobweb felted scarf/hand printed scarf or corsage with any colour combination you desire.

Cheers from

I choose to use Mixed Media, due to it being an ideal medium, enabling me to create a variety of layered effects.


I would love to hear from you send me an email